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New Release: WASTExWORLD


YO! I made something new!

It's called "WASTExWORLD". It's a sci-fi micro setting for running games on a trash planet. It's system agnostic and pretty straightforward. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Go get it right away from

I've wanted to put out something small and DD/HS adjacent for a while now. I started work on another, more fleshed out adventure (about winning the lottery in space), but the pandemic has unfortunately put play-testing on hold - which is why there's been little in the way of DD/HS progress. That's where wasteXworld comes in. I wanted to limit myself to only a couple of pages, some short writings, and some tables. That scope creeped to include a map and a gazetteer, which I'm glad I added as I feel it fleshes out the details into a more finished product. Ultimately I wanted to make something that needed very little play testing and that could show off my evolving layout chops.

Nothing exists in a vacuum however, and I was inspired by Lone Archivist, YOU GOT A JOB ON THE GARBAGE BARGE, and that one Clone Wars episode where they find Maul on the garbage planet. I'm considering writing a full blog post about the design process for this PDF.

While this project has actually seen the light of day, I have at least 3 more on the back burner. Not to mention an update to DD/HS that has been waiting for about 6 months now. The main thing keeping me from finishing those up is time, so they'll be done when I get them done. Hopefully this release gives me a bit more motivation to work on them, as I was starting to feel overwhelmed by their scale. Also, be sure to expect more of this sort of small thing. I'll probably end up starting another one soon if WASTExWORLD does well numbers wise.

If you've read this far, thanks for your support! I know things have been quite for the past year, but seeing people interested in the stuff I make is a major motivator. If you want to keep the games flowing, make sure to follow me on itch over at


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